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Discover The Taleweavers' Adventures series... 

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The Tale of Prince 

There’s a dead cat in his swimming pool and the unbearable Bennie has vanished. Prince – Bendall Road’s poshest pooch and obvious suspect – is now on the run from the Council of Pet’s secret service. His only clue to solve the mystery, and prove his own innocence, is a faint trace of dog cologne. With the help of a smelly stray and a criminal cat, Prince will embark on an adventure which will cast him into the strange world outside his beloved Bendall Road.  A world of usurped kingdoms, laughing demons, and fighting dogs, until his journey to find Bennie will lead him to battle his most terrible foe yet and, maybe, find the wolf that lives inside every dog…


Tyriii - Kindle Cover SUBMITTED.jpg
The Tale of Tyriii 

The Shadow is on the loose and her sister’s life is hanging by a thread, and it’s all her fault. Tyriii – hot-headed possum princess and royal troublemaker – will be erased from history, unless she can stop the monster and put her story right. In mortal danger from the moment she sets paw out of home, Tyriii finds an unexpected ally in Lukhas, an exiled fox with a mysterious past. But, as the Shadow’s trail grows warm, the unlikely duo stumble into a warzone. The diabolical Diamanda and her brainwashed cat horde have subjugated the pets of Bendall Road, leaving destruction in their wake. Tyriii and Lukhas join forces with the struggling Resistance but, caught in a dilemma, Tyriii will soon have to choose: join forces with the dark side to save her realm and her sister, or play the hero and risk being forgotten forever…

Coming Soon
The Tale of the Crooked (Coming soon)

“There is a reason some stories were Omitted…”

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