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The Tale of Prince 
ISBN: 978-1517067014 

“Most tales are about things that happen somewhere else. Stories of famous folk burdened with noble purpose, accounts of distant lands and times long gone, fraught with brave deeds and sad songs. Places never seen, only heard of, where friend and foe do battle, where heroes rise and empires fall... But no one ever talks about the stories that happen here and now! The ones that blossom behind trimmed hedges, among the trees of a local park, down gravel driveways and in the shiny homes of Hu’mans. Yet these places too harbour bold heroes, fierce enemies and unlikely friendships worthy of mention. The tale I am about to tell is a story of choice, chance and biscuits… not to mention vicious rivalry and unconditional love! It all began one dozy summer evening in a place called Bendall Road, with a dog named Prince…”



 The Tale of Tyriii (Coming soon)

“Most tales begin with heroes. Champions of kindness, courage and good-heartedness who know their stories will be worthy of them. But the tale I am about to tell is not one of heroes. It is the story of those who dance in the shadows, where darkness pales and light dims... A tale of the blurred, the murky, the different.   Some of us are born this way. Others become so when they are ripped from their own world. Some wear their difference on the outside, for every eye to witness. Others are different in a place far deeper, where no one - but they - can see. The most different of all was Tyriii and this is her story. The tale of how she changed us all forever…” 

The Tale of Koooli 

“There is a reason some stories were Omitted…”

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